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Serenity Rise

by Woodland Choir

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Welcome 02:09
Spring 05:32
All the way on my journey so far I was searching for your essence Now I know you were here all the time But I could never catch your presence Join me now, there is no worry I'm your present, you're my fairy The path we walk is neverending All we have is the beginning I will show you trees and mountains Brooks and rivers, mystic fountains Plant your seeds, this field is ours Show me spring, burst into flowers Hold my hands, I will take you home Here you'll find your peace, here you will find your soil We will show this world the truth That lies in our hearts, the unity of me and you
Safe Here 04:22
I hear them calling But they can't reach me here I'm in my shrine In the forest I've known for long Why would anyone ask me to leave Oh can't they see That I have reached my home, my peace, It is caressing me So I will do my best To explore all mystery Of this world of beauty Until I reach you pretty There is so much I haven't done before but as I see I have found the source of all Divine vitality What happened to my senses They have become so clear Like I could see Creation In the light of an eye Why would anyone ask me to leave Oh can't they see That I have reached my home, my peace, It is caressing me And I will follow my heart on this journey Wherever it may lead me I believe you will be there at the place we're meant to meet
The Tavern 04:11
We had a very rough winter that year, The village was covered with snow, I still remember the hard work of all men Trying to clear the roads, And although frozen through, we filled the tavern with laughter and joy At the end of the day Drink some wine and forget your troubles Drink more wine and leave all your tears Cause we are here together and we will Sing the songs of sweet memories Laughing at the worries we carry In the arms of maidens we marry There's no grief inside our hearts But pride of what we give our sons This world of ours, the land we tilled And all the faith our fathers built We tell them all the tales of our people The truth we know: your heart is your temple Sail along the waves of the ocean Let the north wind set you in motion Taste the freedom, seize the day Don't let it go, live it your way So they sung, the brave ones Simple man, but still, they were heroes to us The passion they have put into everydays life And their togetherness.. it led them out even from the darkest days Some of us still remember, there is always hope for the better As for me, it still brings peace to my heart As the cold wind whispers the echoes of their songs in this wintry night
It's you, hiding in the shadows Seeking life It's you, banished by the living A wicked strife And you, trapped inside the mirror You're breathing lies Cause you are looking at your people Through tragedy's eyes
Feel my blazing heart Let the breeze kiss your finest art Already near Do you see you're painting me Oh with you it all will come I need you here See the Sun go down Do you feel me, I'm all around Already here My song is how I'm painting you Oh with me it all begins for you too
Traveller 06:20
I woke up to a fresh new morning, I could hardly move my limbs A cold winter breeze touched my face, I shivered A new day, a new beginning, so I took the few I had, And I was back on the road again. I've been travelling for long, seen many miracles, The mysteries of the ocean's deep, the cloud seizing mountaintops, The ruins of worlds passed away, and the masterpiece of blooming cultures. Wherever I walked, life escorted me, wearing different masks every time, And once in a while I was shown her mysteries, all the cunning games full of riddles, Covered by secrets leading to simplicity, I have found the key to solve the puzzles of the way ahead With every step, I left something behind, but I've taken many with me, My bag is full of memories, each one picked carefully by me, so that I can have them with me all the time. They seem to build me up. They paint a picture of a person. Almost like the one I want to become, closer and closer. But the painting is still not finished. Only for today, for today will it be, as I'll wake up tomorrow again. I wanted to stop today, again. Sometimes I don't feel like changing anymore. Perhaps I should rest, find peace for a while, as long as peace embraces me with gentle arms, before loneliness welcomes. Sometimes it traps me, and I want to avoid feeling bad. But then it's already bad. I learned to head for the good itself, and wake up like this every morning. I'll have a long day again, so it's time It's time to depart, this world still has treasures unknown.
Time 05:05
Time is weaving It's silvery web Outside it's realm You think we're dead What if you died What if you could You'll understand I know you would That we built time We keep to it To hide the things We can't live with But this moment Soon you'll see It's all we have It's all we need
Farewell 06:13


released June 23, 2010

Attila Bakos - vocals, guitar, alto & soprano flute, synth, lyrics
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Attila Bakos in Biatorbágy, 2009
Photography by Andrea Takács
Artwork & design by Gyula Havancsák
Released by Epidemie Records (2010)


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Woodland Choir Hungary

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